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一、Packaging principle

1. The rugged integrity principle. Good packaging to prevent cargo damage during transport, lost, to prevent goods placed, friction, shock or pressure, temperature changes cause cargo damp, deterioration, to prevent harm to the operator or pollution transport equipment, ground equipment and other goods. So good packaging can take care of the moisture-proof and anti-theft function.

2. The principle of easy loading and unloading. Packaging addition to the nature of the goods, status and weight, but also clean, dry, no odor and grease; the packaging outer surface not protruding nails, hooks, barbed, ease of handling, loading and unloading and placing.

3. Packaging the principle of proportionality. Packaging goods, should be based on the size of the goods, the weight, the transport characteristics of the appropriate choice of crates and filler, to avoid damage to the goods caused by inadequate packaging and packaging materials caused by the excessive packaging waste;

4. Prohibit the use of all the Newspaper class items as express mail packaging, prohibited the use of a variety of colored garbage bags and prone to breakage, thinner packaging. If the client package packaging does not meet the standard of international transport, A Plus Express (N.Y.) provide customers with the box.

5. There orientation requirements of goods, A Plus Express (NY) is not marked with a wrapping direction (e.g., "up" (UP) arrow or "THIS SIDE UP" (This End Up) flag) or any other similar designation parcelprovide special handling.

6. For fragile items, sufficient filler should be used, the inner member requires both appropriate to each other spaced apart from the need to leave the corners and edges of the container, to ensure that the cargo items to avoid extrusion vibration damaged in transit. A Plus Express (NY) according to the actual situation of the goods to help replace the box, or add the appropriate filler material to avoid the goods were damaged in transit, but A Plus Express (NY) can not guarantee that the goods during transport must intact.

二、Shipments principle

(一)Cargo restrictions

1、Website listed contraband is not allowed to transport。

2、Wrapped in long, wide, high any one shall not exceed 1.2 meters (48 inches), otherwise, please contact customer service online to confirm whether it can transport.

3、All the goods you want to ship must be within the scope of personal use to comply with the State regulation, or we will not ship that.If you have any question, please feel free to contact our online Customer Service.


1、Exception: the address is unknown; refuse to pay the the tariff costs; addressee refusing; Users can not provide a copy of ID card, invoice assist clearance; pieces for the ban on the import.

2、The above cases did not respond before the prescribed time limit, buckle goods and destroyed destruction will generate additional costs.


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