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The privacy policies of A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) (hereinafter referred to as the Website) are stated hereinafter. The privacy policies are improving continuously. As the service scope of our Website expands, we will update the privacy policies from time to time. In order to ensure your safety in using the services provided by the Website, the Website acts in strict accordance with the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information.

1. Definition of Personal Information

The “personal information” stated in this privacy policies refers to the single or combination of information that is able to identify a specific person, in which the information includes membership number, name, gender, email address, contact number, address, identification document that are kept by the Website.

2. Object of Usage

The personal information kept by the Website is for the following usages.
①. Management of membership;
②. Marketing or providing services of products from the Website or a third party, right, digital content, logistic services (hereinafter referred to as “goods”);
③. Conduct promotion activities and surveys;
④. Simplify the member register formalities when using the membership registration services provided by the Website;
⑤. Sending notifications when necessary during the Website’s operation, such as delivery, customs clearance, dispatching and transit, etc. (including sending emails and text messages);
⑥. Used for the advertising and promotion of goods from the Website or a third party (including sending emails and text messages);
⑦. Provide discount services, etc.;
⑧. Handle all kinds of enquiring and after-sale services;
⑨. When relevant information is required by transportation, security, customs or other regulatory authorities, the Company may provide user's personal information to them.

3. Providing personal information

The Website follows regulations of protecting personal information. Besides the situations otherwise specified in Law of Personal Information Protection and other laws and regulations, it is forbidden to disclose to or provide with the third parties personal information with identifiability.

4. Information Security

In order to protect user’s personal information on the Website, and prevent the third party invasion, we adopt SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)encryption mode which is prevailing in the industry. For important personal information, it will be protected by SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)encryption to ensure its security. In addition, the Website manages personal information in strict accordance with the management regulations of the website together with firewall, anti-virus software and other schemes, to prevent the loss, damage, tamper or disclosure of personal information due to virus infection.

5. The use of Cookies

A cookie is a small information file, when you do not refuse to accept cookies, cookies will be sent to your browser, and stored in the hard disk of your computer. We use cookies to store the relevant data of your visit to the Website. It will recognize you on future visits, assisting you to improve your site experience by data analysis. You have the right to refuse enabling the cookies. You can disable cookies by change the setting of your browser; however, we have to remind you that by disabling cookies, you may not be able to use part of the functions of the Website depending on cookies.

6. Disclosure, Modification, and Deletion of Personal Information

The Website handles personal information according to Law of Personal Information Protection and other laws and regulations.

7. Updates about Privacy Policies Protection

The Website may make amendments to the privacy policies according to the amendments of laws and regulations to protect personal information. We will update the latest privacy policies on the Website after the amendments.

8. Contact Us

Should you have any suggestions for these privacy policies or the privacy protection measures of A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.), or you have any questions using the Website, please feel free to contact us.

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