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A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) is headquartered in the United States and the United States of New York, and have branch offices in Wilmington, Delaware, Mainly engaged in international express business from the United States to the rest of the world.. New York express a whole does not currently receiving international express delivery business to pay ( COD ). The latest freight prices on of A Plus Express (N.Y)

1.As for valuables, we recommend that you buy insurance. The maximum insured amount is USD $2000 for X Channel, H Channel,T Channel, U Channel and E Channel.
2.Under special circumstances, in order to facilitate the customs clearance, and the safety of the package, the operator will adjust the gateway selected by the customer and repackage them for free (boxing, binning or reinforcement). And the client shall bear the the related expenses incurred such as Tax.
3.The operator the default the accompanying information out.
4.The Customs' restriction and requirements are vary in different times, so for the sensitive goods or the goods you could not determine them is for personal use or not (tabacco, liquor, Ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, bird's nest, animal food, electronic products, etc.), please contact our customer service before shipment.


1)1 pounds = 454 grams, less than 1 lbs 1 lbs. When the volume of material in the actual weight, re-billing by volume; When the solid material in the volume is heavy, real heavy billing. Bubble heavy computational formula: length * width * height (unit: CM ) /5000= volume weight (unit: KG ) Or length * width * height (unit: IN ) /139= volume weight (unit: LB ).
2)When a package containing two or moredifferent categories of items, parcel shipping calculates according to the highprice of goods.
3)X off standard shipping time from the United States October 1, 2012 execution; S off standard shipping time from the United States February 27, 2014 execution; U off standard shipping time from the United States July 31, 2015 execution.H off standard shipping time from the United States February 8, 2017 execution.T off standard shipping time from the United States October 30, 2020 execution.
4) For the channel quoted above is two-pound starting price,it is calculated as: the first two pounds freight + the pounds after the first two pounds * the renewed pound amount. Take the H channel as an example: A customer sent a clock to our New York company and asked to send it back to Shanghai, China. It is 5 pounds after packaging, the billing standard for this package is: The watch belongs to the D-type quotation of the H channel. The D-class quotation of the New York to China mainland is: 20.00 US dollars within two pounds, and 7.50 US dollars/LB over two pounds. Then, the freight for this package is: 20.00 USD (first 2 lbs) + 7.50 US dollars / pounds * 3 pounds = 42.50 dollars.
5)above quote brief quotations are for reference only, please consult customer service staff.


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