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A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) does not assume any indirect, incidental, special or derivative losses (including but not limited to income and profit losses)generated. A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) (hereinafter referred to as the Company) assumes no responsibilities for loss, delay, damage, miscarriage, un-delivery, failing to provide material or providing wrong material that incurred due to the following reasons, and the Company will not compensate such losses by adjusting the shipping fee, refund or any other form.

  • Due to your or any person of interest in consignment’s failure to perform obligations or negligence;
  • The quality defects or flaws in the original goods or its characteristics, such as fragile items or defect items;
  • Your violation of waybill signed by the website, the agreement, service instructions or other agreements, including but not limited to false declaration of the goods, inappropriate or incomplete filling-in of the packaging of the goods, safety assurance, tags or address.
  • In case of air crashes; enemy invasion; government authorities, State Organs for Legal Supervision or quarantine service officer’s negligence or actions; commotion, strike, or other regional disputes; riots, war, or danger brought by extreme weather; and other national/regional aviation or land transportation or failure of communication system is out of the website’s control. Under such circumstances, the website will try its best to coordinate the courier company to deliver the parcel to its destination as soon as possible. However, we assume no responsibility to inform you under such conditions;
  • Outcome of the website's following your or other sender’s or recipient’s oral or written instructions;
  • When the parcel is intact without damages upon the arrival of the parcel, the recipient has no discrepancies and written damage record, but there are losses or damages inside the sender packed and sealed parcel.
  • Delay caused by customs declaration or other regulatory authorities required handling processes;
  • Due to your delay of paying the tariff or other taxes;
  • Delete of data inside cassette tape, document or other storage media, or delete of images inside exposed films or audio inside audio tapes.
  •  Damages caused by your failure of providing packaging suitable for multiple transits or proper fillers;
  • We assume no responsibilities for outcomes generated by wrong, incomplete or missing mailing address information, or charges thus generated from multiple deliveries and relevancies.
  • Parcels with intact outside packaging but damaged inner goods.
  • Parcels with intact outside packaging but damaged inner goods and did not opt for reinforcement of inner goods.

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