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1. A user who successfully registered on this website, active his account by verification of the company is assumed to agree with the services provided by A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.), promises to accept and abide by the relevant rules and regulations.
2. The user take good care of his username and password, direct or indirect losses caused by the user’s inappropriate management of his username and password or misusing of his username and password should be borne by the user, and the website assumes no responsibility to it. Actions under the using of the username and password of the user are equivalent as the actions done by the user, and the user assumes full responsibility to such actions. User should change the password regularly.
3. The announcement of the company will be sent to the mailing address filled in by the user registration, and the announcement is deemed to be delivered after the regular mailing duration. When the registration information submitted by the user has any modifications, a written modification application should be submitted to the website.
4. User Commitment : the submitted goods information is true and exact. If there is any purposely discrepancy, concealing, misrepresentation, false declaration (including but not limited to concealing, misrepresentation, false declaration of product name, such as different product name for declaration and the real goods; false declaration of the goods quantity; irregular product name, etc.; false declaration of the product value, i.e. declaration of 0 product value or fake product value; fake recipient information, fake recipient or mailing address, etc. the user assumes the full responsibility of delay customs clearance, high overdue clearance, returned cargo, warehousing charges, and confiscation and relevant legal outcomes, and assumes full responsibility for all direct and indirect economic and legal responsibilities thus generated.
User commits that he has learnt about the international shipping risks describe in the Disclaimer, and has sufficient knowledge about the responsibility wavier situations for A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) mentioned in the Disclaimer. A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) assumes no responsibilities for compensating indirect, incidental, special or derivative losses generated.
5. User Pledge
The single weight of the submitted waybill complies with the personal use regulation and the courier company’s packing limitation for transportation safety. User guarantees to assume full responsibility for damage, loss, and confiscation occurs during checking, taxation, returned cargo if the parcel’s weight exceeds the transportation safety weight limitation or reasonable quantity. User guarantees the recipient address is correct. Once the goods enter our warehouse, there is no way to modify the recipient address, if the address is wrong, the user assumes full responsibility for the risks and charges thus generated.
6. User Declaration
The goods I authorize A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) to deliver does not contain any prohibited articles or articles exceeding the shipping limitations according to the Decree of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China No.43, the Prohibited/limited Articles for Entry/Exit People’s Republic of China; the goods does not belong to the prohibited articles of IATA organization; the goods does not belong to the destination country/region’s limited or prohibited entry/exit articles; the goods does not infringes upon any intellectual property rights. Once such articles are discovered during the transportation, A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) reserves the right to retain such goods or hand it to the relevant authorities, and terminates to provide the follow-up services. User declares that any tariffs or VAT generated during the customs inspection shall be borne by the user, and confirms that he has sufficient knowledge of refusing or delay of paying such charges will result in A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) to stopping providing the follow-up services.

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