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New York express a whole ( A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) ) is headquartered in the United States of New York, and have branch offices in Tax Free State, mainly engaged in the international express delivery business from United States to China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan. Committed to the global electronic commerce sellers or buyers to provide the best quality and the United States in the international express service. New York express a whole company to provide you with a special overseas delivery address, so that you have be personally on the scene shopping convenience, and relaxed shopping environment; to provide you with a free storage space, allowing you to control the delivery time, number and order, to reduce the transportation cost, the full enjoyment of the sea washes the fun; our new operating system, improve the transport network, professional service team dedicated to provide you with the best service level A+.

Exclusive overseas delivery address
A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) free for you to provide more exclusive overseas mailing address, to provide you with the forward in Hong Kong, Taiwan international courier service, staying at home can also enjoy the fun of shopping overseas.abroad.
Free overseas warehouse space
If you often shopping in overseas websites, or shopping in different websites, you do not want mail things one by one in order to avoid payment of multiple pounds of freight, or you want the goods sent to different recipients, A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) provide you with a free storage space, and allows you to choose the most convenient way to ship.
Full status tracking
A PLUS EXPRESS (NY) provide you with e-commerce platform to track shipment status, as long as you on the Internet regardless where you can keep track of your goods newest status, allows you to send and receive freely.
Support for dual-currency payment, convenience, and peace of mind
You can use the dollars to pay the freight, and can also use the RMB to pay the freight, A PLUS EXPRESS (NY) support credit card, Alipay, bank transfers and other payment methods, Choose the most convenient way for you to recharge or paid. System according your cargo category, weight, volume, and other information, automatically complete the settlement and chargeback, real-time query account information, shipping details and accounts of clarity, convenience and peace of mind.
Professional customer service, intimate, human services
Our business time: Monday-Saturday: 8:30 am -- 5:30pm,you can contactour customer service by phone, online chat, and solve the problems you met during your oversea shopping.
Provide a variety of services for free, such as reinforced packaging, remove the invoice, split parcel service, abnormal pieces photographed, to meet different consumer needs.

纽约公司地址:2705 41st AVENUE, UNIT COM-2, LONG ISLAND CITY, NY 11101-3768