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The service is on voluntary basis. When filling in the delivery information for A PLUS EXPRESS on our website, please fill in your required insured value at “Insured Value” blank. And then you can get the insurance service(S channel do not apply the service of protect the price).
① The insurance premium= the insured value*3%,(the insured value should be coincident to the real value of the goods in the parcel, and shall not exceed the real value, the maximum insured amount for each parcel is USD $2000 for X Channel, H Channel, U Channel and E Channel). ② The minimum insurance premium for each parcel is USD $3.
2. If the insured good is lost or short in quantity, it will be compensated according to the value of the lost incurred, but not exceeding the maximum of the insured value. If the insured good is damaged,it is dealed with the not insured.
3. The parcels that are not insured according to the regulations do not belong to the insured parcels; once the parcels are dispatched, the insurance premium are not refundable; and losses, damages or shortages discovered after signing for the parcels will not be compensated.

Attachment: uninsurable items checklist
  Category Description
Fragile items
All kinds of displays LCD, liquid crystal display, liquid crystal TV, etc.
Ceramics Ceramic vessels, ceramic decorations, bowls, plates, spoons, teawares, etc.
Glasses Glass container (e.g. cups, vase, aquariums, glass pots), products with glass containers (e.g. drugs, cosmetics, canned food, liquors, etc.), spectacles, all kinds of windshields, mirrors, boiled water bottles, thermo jugs (with glass inner container), lamps and lanterns, glass tables ,coffee pots, etc.
Crystals Crystal mirror frames, and cups, etc.
Quartzes Quartz crucible, quartz glasses, quartz casing pipes, etc.
Jade/ Jade and stone and stone products Stone tea plates and teawares,etc.
Other Small mud eggs, delicate tea plates, wedding, photo,cosmetics,all the goods in powder(as milk powder,protein powder),liquid state(as liquid calcium) and paper packaging items etc.
Animal (including insects, pupa, worms, fishes, embryo eggs, bird species) and all kinds of fresh living goods (including plants and frozen products); gold and silver bars; products made of gold, silver or platinum; gold, sliver and platinum jewelry or jewelry made of precious gem stones or diamond; work of art, antiques, gem stones; counterfeit or pirate printed products; cash; negotiable instrument; credit cards; stocks, bond and other negotiable securities.
IATA regulations defined dangerous goods or inflammable items Including asbestos; medicine/drug (illegal); arms and ammunition (including accessories and ammunition); dead human remains (including bone ash); pornographic products.
Products prohibited by relevant countries and local government’s laws; account books, contracts, reference materials and other documents.


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