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Mail delivery concerns the process for my company reasons of loss, shortage, damage and delay, our company without compensation. New York, all of a courier is not liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss arising from liability.

Following is not liable for compensation

1. Than parcels due to force majeure (insured).
2. Posted and delivered in violation of prohibited or restricted Send provisions, forfeited or dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations by the competent authority.
3 of delivering the wrapped package intact dismantled traces and the weight is not reduced within the shortage or damage.
4 The recipient has to sign the required formalities.
5 Wrapped losses caused due to the responsibility of the customer or send items reasons or delays.
6. Customers since the date of receipt of mailing of the parcel until query time limit, no query is not yet present a claim.
7 The international mail was sent to China by its domestic law to detain, confiscate or destroy.

NY express package standard

1. Mail losting in our warehouse, Compensation in accordance with the value of the goods in one week after verification of the application in the customer, Compensation can only be charge into the account of A Plus Express(N.Y), can not withdrawals.
2. During transportation,shipment is lost,damaged or deficient and it would Payout according to the following:
1) once audited,we will compensate for Insured parcels according to the actual value of the goods but not exceeding the insured amount.If the insured goods were damaged,it would be handled with the uninsured.(these would be applied for all the channels)
2) if the uninsured goods were damaged,we would compensate for it after audited according to the Standard compensation of different channels:
①X channel, H channeland T channel in the process of transportation,if the customs inspector should examine the uninsured goods,or it were to reduce and lost,we would compensate for it according to its tripled freight and the actual value of the goods between the low compensation,but the compensation should not exceed $100.
②S channel,F channel in the process of transportation,if it were to reduce and lost,we would compensate for it according to its tripled freight and the actual value of the goods between the low compensation,but the compensation should not exceed $100.And if the customs inspector should examine the uninsured goods,we would not to handle with the problems by these 2 channels.You would not enjoy the insure service by S channel.
③For the parcels not insured in Channel U and Channel E, occurs the problems such as missing, deficient and detained by customs, it will not to be addressed.
3) if the uninsured goods were damaged,we would compensate for it in accordance with the freight of its weight;but the loss of the easily spilled damaged goods (such as milk powder,protein powder,cosmetics and so on.) and affiliated goods would not be paid according to the terms and conditions of express association.(Applicable to other channels except Channel U and Channel E.)
3. Claims retired shipping and tax matters: Shipping is included in the claims which do not separate refund; taxes charged by customs, has nothing to do with the Division I, Division I to claims reclaim the customs tax.
4. Ther losses or indirect losses, the company is not liable for damages. Fill in as a result of the sender received, the sender's name and address, contact telephone insufficiency, error, resulting in mail delays, my company is not liable for damages.
5. Cargo is lost or damaged (excluding deficient, etc.), the client can be in the Member Center - About - I want to fill in the claim application claims and claims required credentials, claims Commissioner accepting claims application and go through the formalities of claims or direct contactonline customer service, fill out the claim application and provide the claims required credentials on his behalf by the online customer service, claims procedures apply to the Company claims department.
6. claims required credentials include, but are not limited to, customer claims application the clients own identification cards, shopping sites orders screenshots or purchase invoices, transport company shipments exception to prove, shipment and damaged packaging photo in question Remarks.
7. Shipments will be delivered shipment exceptions, the sign must transit the company to provide an exception proved to photographed shipment and packaging abnormal photo the transit shipment abnormal prove, shipment and packaging are damaged photossubmit claims must material. Sign, whether it is family, guard, colleagues, relatives, friends and other collection will be deemed the recipient to sign.Discovered after receipt shall not be processed.
8. claim time limit:
①Since the non-normal date of receipt of claims filed requests within three working days, the deadline will not be accepted.
②New York, all of a courier within thirty days from the date of the admissibility of claims, the completion of the investigation and settlement of customer claims apply.③All of the compensation can only be charged to customers' account registed on our website, and you can not draw money from the account as cash.

NY express package standard

Due to the special nature of the courier industry, the transit will inevitably occasional phenomenon of lost cargo or bad goods, in order to ensure the safety of your goods, high value and are smaller valuables, it is recommended that you choose to protect the price, so that you can maximizeprotect your interests, Thank you for your cooperation!

The claims standard is effective from May 10, 2013 (U.S. time) from the delivery,If in doubt, please consult the online customer service staff.


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