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Tips:Please understand our service processes the mail before, in order to better service for you. When you click on the number icon, you can expand the detailed description.
Please submit arrival forecast to maintain sufficient account balance, so that you can receive the goods in a timely manner.

Step 1: register


Follow the guide in the register page, fill in the blank in the red box (1),and check the box in the picture (2), agree the registration agreement,sumbit your register application,our system will automatically activate your account.


Step 1: update personal profile


sign in your account >>>> Account Management, choose personal profile, and update your personal informaiton according to the guide.


Step 2: Get the shipping address

sign in your account >>>> Physical management,choose the USA address, then you can see the address of our office in New York, Delaware.which you can use as shipping address while you shopping online.


The system default Amazon official website you fill out the shopping process, for example:

Step one: Register


Sign in Home Click to enter the registration page, follow the prompts to complete the registration information.


Step 2: Browse merchandise, submit an order with a full shipping address


U.S. online shopping orders when you fill in the shipping address ' New York, all of a courier shipping address ' (be sure to check the address is correct), submit orders successful website shipments, back Back to New York a courier website submit arrival forecast.


For the member who don't use Credit card(take Alipay as sample)

first, sign in your account,and choose online charge in the Financial Management.


Second, choose the charging method

A Plus Express(N.Y) can accept the payment of CNY and USD, you can choose your convenient method to pay that.


Third, confirm your payment information.

This will different from the payment method you chose.We will take Alipay as an example, other is similar, you can process according to the guide.

Submit the payment after you asure the amount of the payment is the same as the amount you should pay,then pay it in the Alipay page.


For the member who use Credit card(submit the Credit card authorization as sample)

first, sign in your account, choose Credit Card in the Financial Management, then click "add authorization".


Second, fill in your Credit Card information,submit your application.


Attention: Once the credit card information you submitted through the audit, all your expenses in your account will be default charged from the credit card you provided. You can check the details in the Consumption record.

Fill waybill and forecast the arrival goods

To asure your parcle will processed timely, please fill the waybill and forecast the arrival after the website shipping the order and before it arrived our werehouse. Or you will take the consequences of do not fill the waybill timely, incorrect information, or do not submit the forecast of the goods. And A Plus Express(N.Y) do not supply the service os cash on delivery.
Tips,you can create a waybill and forecast the arrival only in your account balance is more than 0.
   The forecast arrival (create waybill), including the "recipient information,Cargo Information and Value-added services 3 steps. We will explain that in detail for everyone in the graphic way.
Step 1, The information of package.
1)Order Number: Required,Please fill the order number of your shopping site,(as show in picture) if there is no order number,fill "Wu" instead. If "wu" is duplicated, please add your account name or sender's account number after "wu".
2)Tracking number within USA: Required,the tracking number of the shipment from the shopping site to the warehouse within USA, if you don't have, fill "wu".
3) value of goods: Required,the actual value of the goods.
4) Insured amount: The insured amount should not exceed the actual value of the goods, the highest insured amount of each parcel is $ 2000; Valuable items' insurance recommended.
5) Customs amount: Required, Please fill in according to your actual value of the goods.
6) Detail of contents: required, please fill in according to the package contents.
Tips: the USA address of A Plus Express includs:New York and Delaware(Tax Fress State, do not ship the goods directly).
Step 2, shipping address
1) you can select the shipping address from your address book or fill that directly.
2) select the delivery channel, if it is need to provide ID card, be sure to upload ID card information in the "address / ID management" first, and then submitted to the forecast.
Step 3, value-added service
1)A Plus Express(N.Y) apply the value-added service which is according to the customers own priciples and their requirements,you can see the details of fees on Products and Service/ Value-added service Page, and please feel free to contact our Custmoer service if you have any question.
2)User Note: You can fill your precautions and other requirements in this field to the operator, and they will try to help you, for value-added services please fill in the "value-added service list",it is useless to fill in here, or you can leave that in blank.

Our operator will scan and put in storage,tally the goods,weighing and uploade the data to our website according to your Aplus Express waybill number and the tracking number within USA after your goods arrived at our warehouse in USA.Then the fright and tax,or the other prepaid balance will show in your account. If the account balance is sufficient it will charged directly,or your goods will hold temporatily till you pay for that.So we recommend you to keep sufficient account balance for the timely receipt of your goods.

China Customs Clearance and transport

China Customs will take routine smapling after your goods arrives, and may produce 3 kinds of clearance results: direct release, resulting in tariffs, and ordered to return. If your parcle resulting in tariffs or ordered to return,please pay for the duties or contact the customer service staff to deal with that timely, or you will be responsible for the confiscation and the loss of the goods as your personal reason.

If you have any questions please contact online customer service advice or go to the common problem webpage search. Working time, Monday to Friday 24 hour, weekend 8:30-17:30.

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