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Q:A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) company Profile?

A PLUS EXPRESS(N.Y.) is headquartered in the United States, New York, and there are branchoffices in Portland, Oregon, mainly engaged in the United States to China,Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan international express deliverybusiness, and committed to the global electronic commerce sellers or buyers toprovide the best quality and the United States in the international expressservice.

Q:What can A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) do for me?

A:Enables you to enjoy with U.S. residents ofthe same shopping environment and convenient,to provide you with exclusive storage space,to let China and theUnited States e-commerce complex logistics links become simple、for customers andmerchants, businessmen and businessmen to build a safe, economic, and efficientinternational logistics Bridge、Let your international business and domestic business the samehandy.

Q:Which address A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) can be sent to?

A PLUSEXPRESS (N.Y.) is operating the United States to China, Singapore, Malaysia,South Korea, Japan's special line aviation EXPRESS company.A PLUSEXPRESS (N.Y.) is headquartered in the United States, New York, and there arebranch offices in Wilmington, Delawareand in Jinan with the customer service department. A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.)engaged in the United States to China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan's international express delivery business.

Q:Which companies are A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) cooperation express companies?

A:A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) cooperation courier companies are industry reputation, service quality, strength guaranteed courier company such as Shunfeng,Zhongtong,EMS, Shentong, Yuantong, and so on.

Q:Who is A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) service object?

A:A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) service objects including: the Chinese merchants that purchase order or e-commerce in the United States, individual consumers shopping in the United States website, such as: the consumers who in China want to go overseas direct shopping consumer, taobao sellers who do purchasing the United States agency business, the United States agency platform, etc. In a word, as long as you have from the United States to China post demand, may be our users.

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