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Sea-shareQ:what is the profit?

A:The United States has some special rebate sites such as www.mrrebates.com, www.ebates.com, through which the rebate network click access to shopping sites, shopping success can be obtained after the site of some commodity Fandian rebate.

Q:How to get and use rebate?

A:Through the rebate website into shopping site shopping success ,rebate website will break into the rebate amount you in rebates registered account, but you can't immediately put rebate money out, general need to wait for goods free refund period such as three months later, rebate account money can be transferred into PayPal, your next shopping can use PayPal account money in other shopping.

Q:If you want to buy goods in the United States website, what needs to be ready?

A:You need to prepare for a VISA credit card orMasterCard that can be used for foreign currency to pay, or a registered PayPalaccount,to solve the problem of payment to the website;At the same time you also need to register and opened A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.)account, solve the goods from the United States back to the rest of the world,electronic business logistics problems.

Q:How can I get some discounts and coupons?

A:After you register in the shopping websites, the shopping websites discount information will be sent to your e-mail address, and some rebate website will also give you send some latest coupon, and discount information. At the same time, you can also focus on our web site home page "the latest American buys discount".

Q:How to use the discount coupons?

A:Each coupons have a password, called the Coupon Code, when you finally Check Out,in the bottom of the website there will be a place to fill in the Coupon Code , fill in your Coupon Code and click ok, generating bill will get the corresponding discount.

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