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BasicsQ:What is actual weight and volume weight?

A:Bubble heavy ( mean volume weight ) refers to the size of equivalent weight greater than the actual weight of goods, the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) regulations, according to the volume of cargo space calculation of freight, the volume weight ( Volume weight ). Bubble heavy computational formula: length * width * height (unit: CM ) /5000= volume weight (unit: KG )
Or  length * width * height (unit: IN ) /139= volume weight (unit: LB ).

Q:What is the international express insurance?

A:' Insured ' refers to the shipper to the carrier to declare its check the actual value of the goods and for their insurance.

Q:What is the express valuation fee?

A:The purchase of insurance goods,  shipper except to pay transportation costs, but also in accordance with the provisions of payment of certain insurance fee.

Q:What is the first weight, the added weight?

A:The first pound ofthe parcel is the first weight, the rest are the additional weight. Theadditional weight is also take 1pound as the charging standard, which means onepounds is an additional.However, some of the freight in A Plus Express(N.Y)will charge first two pounds as the first weight.

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