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Operations Q:Can provide pick - up it?

A:Provide only New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey can pick pieces, other areas can not, you can contact the online customer service fees of pick and other issues on the New York.

Q; I can personally delivery to the warehouse?

A: In order to provide better service to you,If you need personal delivery to the warehouse, you are prompted to pay attention to the production see our work.You can also contact customer service for more help.

Q: Why UPS delivery to all of a courier warehouse in New York shows receipt?

A: No receipt may have the following situations:
1, display the day of receipt goods are not actually sign,maybe it is remainned in the UPS warehouse,then the next day again delivery; 2, showing the sign for the same time, but the actual time of receipt is approaching from work can not be the day of storage;3,Because you forgot to fill out the the five identification code or code wear does not recognize, or filled in the wrong address cause your cargo does not recognize。
If your goods UPS delivery,Our warehouse is not shown receiving,You need to contact our customer service and UPS to confirm whether your goods have arrived.

Q; U.S. companies do not work weekends, nobody to sign for the goods,how to do?

A: Day weekend in American most of the delivery of the USPS,If you encounter warehouses nobody receipt, they will leave a note,simultaneously on Monday they will once again deliver.

Q;How do I keep track of the waybill issued?

A:You can query your waybill number.

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