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CustomsQ:How do you customs clearance?

A:We are entrusted with countries recognized industry qualification clearance required by customs clearance documents and related information to accurately declare, strictly in accordance with the customs clearance process shipment entry clearance.

Q:Your freight contains duty?

A:A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) the only cosmetics freight contains tariffs, in addition to exclude tariffs, cargo inspection tax, you still need to pay customs duties

Q:Where can I find the customs regulations?

A:You can go to Chinese customs official webpage search for inbound shipments customs regulations,Website:

Q:Will my things collect customs duties?

A:Whether you purchase goods tariffs, the need to control customs regulations and tariff depending on the product name, product name, and the declared value is an important basis,for simple: more than the limit of the Customs tariffs is necessary according to the tariff.

Q:If my items produced tariff, how to pay?

A:The personal belongings Customs Parcel tax levied,encountered required by the customs tariffs, Division I first-generation tariff paid on behalf of Division I, you need to be paid within the specified time. Tariff payments in a timely manner, will produce domestic freight forwarding and operating costs.

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