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SiteplatformQ:How to become a A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) user?

A:You only need to log A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) website for online registration, after successful registration, you have A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) account. Your account as long as the balance is adequate, you can enjoy a A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) member center all function.

Q:Is A PLUS EXPRESS (NY) account logout? If canceled, can the original mailbox re-register it?

A:Your account without arrears can be canceled and re-register after cancellation.

Q:Registration completed,the first step of what I need do?

A:In your registration is completed, you need to perfect the personal information. If you want to immediately use our services, you need to account recharge; you can also browse through our webpage or contact customer service online information about our services.

Q:Where can I check receiving address?

A:You log in A PLUS EXPRESS(N.Y.) website, in the “physical management” choose “the UnitedStates receiving address”,then you can see our receiving address.

Q:How to use receiving address?

A:When you go shoppingin the United States of America website, you can copy the delivery address from"the United States of America delivery address".

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