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ProductQ:If my goods send to remote parts of China, will you add the freight charges?

A: See the details on the page of FreightPrices: http://www.aplus100.com/Home/NewPriceCheck

Q:How many days from America to China?

A:After the goods were sent from America, under normal circumstances, general,7-10 working days.

Q:What goods are prohibited by the U.S. Customs?

A:Ensure that the shipment is in conformity with international transport standard, do not accord with IATA regulations of transportation organization, China prohibitions and restrictions outbound goods, destination country prohibitions and restrictions imported articles, copy brand goods are not carrying. Otherwise, the sender will bear all the resulting economic and legal responsibility.

Q:Is A PLUS EXPRESS (NY) operating system of warehousing and distribution complex?

A:After 16 years of operation, A PLUS EXPRESS (NY) has the perfect third party courier warehousing and distribution processes, professional design for customers, convenient, and efficient warehousing and distribution system.

Q:What kind of goods can enter A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) the warehouse?

A:A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) does not contract of international carriage organization, China / overseas national laws and regulations prohibit circulation or delivery of the items.

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