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A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) provides the customers with international courier services between the U.S.A and China (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”), and formulates the “A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) Customer Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”. Unless otherwise the customer and A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) formulate corresponding contract of shipment or supplementary contract, the content of the Agreement (including the body of the Agreement together with various regulations that has published on our website or may be published in the future, constitute an inseparable part of the Agreement, and shall have the safe legal effect.) is a complete service agreement between the customers and A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.), with the confirmation of the Agreement by the customer, the Agreement shall enter into force.
When the customers are using the services provided by A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.), they are assumed to recognize and abide by the relevant regulations. A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) reserves the right to formulate or modify the Agreement and relevant regulations from time to time. If any amendments are made to the Agreement, A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) will make announcement on its website to inform the customers. If the customers do not agree with such amendments, they should stop using the Service. The amended agreement shall enter into force once it is announced on the website of A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.). The relevant regulations will enter into force once they are announced and they shall constitute an inseparable part of the Agreement. By logging in or continue using the Service shall constitute the customers acceptance of the amended agreement. Unless otherwise specified, any expanded or reinforced new content of the Service are bonded by the Agreement.
Before signing up, please read carefully the entire content of the service agreement. Should you have any question, please consult A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.). Once the customer click on the “Register” button and successfully registered as a user of A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.), the customer is assumed to accept and endorsed the Agreement regardless of whether the customer has read the Agreement.

Article 1 (User Criteria)

1. A user is who agree with the Agreement, successfully registered on this website, active his account by verification of the company and obtain the right to use his account.
2. User should not transfer his user qualification to others, and should not use his user qualification for commercial purposes, such as: for sale or as mortgage.

Article 2 (User Registration)

1. The person who registered as a user (hereinafter referred to as the Registrant) should submit the registration information on this website in person. When the Registrant is a minor, his should seek for his guardian’s approval before the registration.
2. The person mentioned above shall become a user of this website with the approval from this website. However, if the Registrant belongs to any following categories, the website has the right to reject his registration, or cancel his user qualification if he has become a user.
The Registrant is a minor, and has not obtained approval from his guardian for the registration;
The Registrant’s user qualification has been cancelled before due to violation of regulations of the Agreement;
The personal information submitted by the Registrant is fake, wrong or incomplete;
The Registrant has record of outstanding account to the website;
The Registrant’s behavior is harming the operation and service of the website or harming other user’s usage of the website, or purposely harming the website’s operation and services.
Other situations considered as impropriate by the website.

Article 3 (The management of username and password)

1. After successfully registration and becoming a user of this website, the user should properly keep his username and password. The username and password should not be used for lending, transferring, sale, or mortgage, etc.
2. The direct or indirect losses caused by the user’s inappropriate management of his username and password or misusing of his username and password should be borne by the user, and the website assumes no responsibility to it. Actions under the using of the username and password of the user are equivalent as the actions done by the user, and the user assumes full responsibility to such actions.
3. If there is any suspicion that his username and password are disclosed to the third party or are being used illegally, the user should immediately inform the website, and act according to the instructions given by the website. If there are any loss of the website due to inappropriate using of the user’s username and password, the user should assume the responsibility.
4. The user should change his password regularly, for losses incurred due to negligence the website assumes no responsibility.

Article 4 (Modification of Registration Information)

1. When the registration information submitted by the user has any modifications, a written modification application should be submitted to the website.
2. The announcement of the company will be sent to the mailing address filled in by the user registration (if modification application is submitted, the mailing address will be the one after modification), and the announcement is deemed to be delivered after the regular mailing duration.

Article 5 (User Privacy)

1. The object of using personal information of the user is as follows: “User Personal Information” includes name, address, contact number, email address, scanned copy of identification document, credit card details, postal codes, etc. The purpose of requiring user personal information is to provide parcel delivery services, improve and enhance our services, satisfy the valid commercial interest (including trend analysis and market investigation), price determination, credit creation, perform the shipping contract or service contract, realize the bill function, and abide by the relevant regulations and laws of the government. The company will provide the user personal information to the transportation, security, customs, and other regulatory authorities when it is required.
2. The group company of the website can hold jointly the user personal information, bonus point, and other records according to the purposes mentioned above. The information includes username, name, address, gender, email address, contact number, postal code, company name and department, credit card details, purchase history, bonus points, etc.
3. When the user is using the service, the website can enable Cookie.

Article 6 (Cancellation, Disable and Expel of Account)

1. The user can cancel or disable his account according to the website’s regulations.
2. If the user deceases, the website will take the decease time as his time of quitting the usage of the website, and his username and password will not be able to be used any longer.
3. The website has the right or disable or expel the user account without prior notice under the following situations:
a. When the user or other related person is misusing the username, password or the service;
b. The user does not have enough cash deposit in the limited duration or has outstanding account;
c. When the user is confiscated, enforced executed, bankrupted, required to perform civil reorganization, etc. or the user makes a request.
d. Others. When the user violates the Agreement or any article of the regulations, or the website considers the customer as incompetent.

Article 7 (Content of the Service)

1. The service is international courier service.
2. Since the purchasing of goods does not occur between the website and the sales company, therefore, the website is not an interest party of the sales contract between the user and the sales company. The website assumes no responsibility of the goods, such as flaws or infringing upon intellectual property rights, etc. However, if the user holds evidence that the loss or damage of the goods is occurred during the storage or transit of the website then it is not limited by this Article.

Article 8 (Prohibited Article of the Service)

We are sorry that the following articles are not in our scope of service.
1.Arms/ ammunition: such as guns, ammunition, bullets, landmine, booms, etc.
2.Explosive items of all kinds, such as detonator, explosive, gunpowder, firecrackers, etc.
3.Inflammable items of all kinds, including liquid, gas and solid, such as gasoline, kerosene, tung oil, alcohol, raw lacquer, diesel, aerosol, gas lighters, mashgas cylinder, phosphorus, sulfur, matches, etc.
4.Corrosive items of all kinds, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, organic solvent, pesticide, hydrogen peroxide and other kinds of dangerous chemicals.
5. Radioactive elements, such as uranium, cobalt, radium, plutonium, etc.
6.Deadly poison of all kinds, such as thallium, arsenic, etc.
7. Narcotic drugs, medicines act on the central nerve system and affect the mental state and other controlled drugs, such as opium (including poppy capsule, flower, bloom and leaves), morphine, heroin, marijuana, philopon, ephedrine, ecstasy, etc.;
8. Biochemical products and infectious items: biochemical products and infectious items of all kinds, such as anthrax, pathogenic germs, biohazard wastes, etc.
9. Publications, printed matter, propaganda material, etc., which could do political, economical, or safety harm to the People’s Republic of China.
10. Perishable infectious biological substances of all kinds that would harm the public health, such as human remains, animal organs, limbs, animal skin that has not been dressed, animal bones that has not been preserved. Articles in hermetically sealed, that may harm people’s safety, contaminate or damage other parcels or equipments also belong to the prohibited articles;
11. National secret document/ national currency: Articles prohibited to circulate, entry or exit by national laws, regulations, administrative laws for circulation, entry or exit, such as national secret documents and materials, national currency, counterfeit currencies and counterfeit valuable securities, fake currency, credit card, cash card, etc.
12. Precious cultural relics/endangered wild species: Articles prohibited circulating, entry or exit by national laws, regulations, administrative laws for circulation, entry or exit, such as precious cultural relics, endangered wild species and their products.
13. Imitation arms/ controlled knife: Articles prohibited to circulate, entry or exit by national laws, regulations, administrative laws for circulation, entry or exit, such as imitation arms and controlled knife.
14. Prohibited entry articles by each recipient countries (regions).
15. All other articles prohibited from mailing.
16. Articles considered as inappropriate by the website.

Article 9 (charge of the Service and payment methods)

1. The charge of the Service is shown in the price table on the price quotation page. The Prices are subject to changes without prior notice. Calculation of shipping charge is based on the weight of the goods, and the measurement is taken by the website.
2. The service charge includes the single trip shipping charge from one of the A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) warehouses listed on the website to the customer appointed mailing address.
3. The user should pre-deposit the cash deposit required for the Service via AliPay, credit card, bank transfer or other method within the regulated period after successful registration on the website.

Article 10 (Shipping Information)

After ordering goods from shopping websites or entity shops, before the goods arrive at the warehouses of our company, the user should follow the instructions given by the company, and log in the website to fill in tracking number for shipping the goods and complete the necessary information for the waybill.

Article 11 (Checking of parcels)

1. The website reserves the right to seal off the parcel to check if the goods satisfies the requirements for international shipping. However, the website does not have the obligation to check the parcels, and does not guarantee the quantity, quality, flawlessness, or authenticity of the goods. The website also does not guarantee the goods abides by the regulations and laws of the departure country, transit country or destination country.
2. During the checking mentioned above, if any article is discovered to fall in the categories of prohibited articles mentioned in Article 8, or the goods violates the relevant laws and regulations, or is suspected to violate the laws and regulations, the website has right to report the goods to the police and relevant regulatory authorities, or hand the goods over to such authorities.
3. The website assumes no responsibility for losses caused to the users during checking of the parcels or handling of goods according to this Article (Article 11).

Article 12 (refusal of providing service)

If the following situations happen, the website reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service.
1. When the goods falls into the categories in Article 8.
2. When the user’s location or the good’s mailing address can not be identified;
3. When the user rejects to accept the goods;
4. When courier can not ship the goods;
5. When the waybill is not filled in according to Article 10;
6. When the product information filled in by the user does not conform to the goods we receive, or wrong information is filled for Article 10.
7. When user violates the Agreement, or other situations as considered as inappropriate by the company.

Article 13 (Interruption and termination of the service)

1. When the following situation happens, the website reserves the right to interrupt or terminate part of or the whole service without any prior notice.
When there is fire, natural disaster, power blackout, system failure, website maintenance, etc. and it is hard to provide the Service.
When the utility service company or Telecommunication Company can not provide the necessary services;
Other situations as considered necessary to stop the Service by the website.
2. The website assumes no responsibility for user's losses caused by temporal interruption or termination of the Service.

Article 14 (scope of application of the Service)

The interpretation and application of this Service Terms and Conditions, and disputes about the Service Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and handled according to laws of the People's Republic of China.

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