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Payment instructions

Support for the U.S. dollar and the RMB payment, according to their own circumstances, to choose the most convenient way to pay.

1、U.S. dollars payment

①Support the use of dual-currency credit card corresponding waybill pay in U.S. dollars, one-on-pay payment, simple and clear payment details at a glance.

②Support dual currency credit card the direct recharge dollars more than a single payment, payment convenient and worry.

③A Plus Express ( N.Y. ) accept the customer's credit card authorization system, realize automatic generation customer debit: you only need to fill out a credit card authorization, the arrival of the goods at the Division I, after storage, the system automatically deducted from your credit card corresponding to the freight, deduction of details in the form of e-mail sent to your email. So you do not always miss payments, sit enjoy safe, convenient automatic deduction.

④Support dollars cash, check payments。

2、RMB payment

①Support RMB corresponding waybill payment directly to achieve a one-on-pay payment, the payment details simple and clear, at a glance.

②Accept WeChat, UnionPay or PayEase Payment to recharge RMB, it is easy and convenient.

③ USD to RMB exchange rate:6.7($1.00:¥6.7)

Payment characteristics

①According to the settlement information to pay the express fee, consumption pay how many, easy and convenient. After the payment as long as timely, the goods will be issued in time. Also can according to their own estimate in advance the weight of the cost.

②When the volume weight greater than a real heavy, heavy charging by volume, when the real weight is greater than the volume weight, in real charging.


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