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InsureClaimsQ: American domestic express company to sign but the system but no storage records, whether claims?

A: For no cargo storage records,it is not compensable.

Q: How do I claim,if the goods lost in the domestic

A: Plese see page on the claims.

Q: The parcel is received damaged packaging, whether I can reject or filing a claim?

A: Packaging significantly damaged / water and / or pollution or other serious problems in the transfer of goods,Please let the delivery staff signed the note, and took photos, collected information on the waybill,If indeed lost, damaged before you can apply for claims.

Q: What materials and prove need provided to their claims?

A; The claims credentials include but not limited to customer claim applications, the customer own identification cards, shopping site orders screenshots or shopping receipts, transit company the shipment exception prove and damaged packaging photo in question Remarks and so on.

Q: How should I put forward the claim application?

A: You can enter Member Center> Suggestions> claim application page to submit applications,or ,you can contact online customer service.

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