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Pay fee Q:Chinese users can use dollars charge account and pay the freight, how to operate?

A:If you want to use dollars charge account, log into your affiliate center,select financial management, then  in accordance with the following sequence of operation: online recharge > U.S. payment, you can be completed using the dollar value.

Q: Account balance has to use the period?

A: Your account balance  of  A Plus Express (NY) can be used indefinitely.

Q: RMB, US dollar exchange rate of A Plus Express (NY) is in accordance with the bank on the day of

A: A Plus Express (NY) Supports the RMB $,dual currency payment, exchange rate is 1 dollars 6.7yuan, also can say 1 yuanpay $0.16.

Q: Why the actual charge comparatively high?

A: The freight charges for site is the calculation of freight, but also put in certain error.The actual charges in accordance with user submitted bill, may contain value-added service fees; in addition the actual charges in accordance with actual weighing charge package.If your parcel charges you think there is a problem, you can contact online customer service.

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