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National Day holiday the express delivery company busy sending backlog pieces,Overseas shopping back

According to the Qilu Evening News reported that the first working day after the National Day mini vacation, various express delivery companies couriers are concentrated finishing backlog express. Holiday period, the unit holiday, many people travel, many express company couriers courier warehouse explosion unsuccessful because no one sign, sending pieces, making the first day after the holiday.

  Reporter visited the city a number of courier companies have found that the sudden increase about 50 percent this year compared to previous years, a year-on-year, the amount of express business express cardinality than in previous years. During the holidays, because no one sign led to serious express backlog.

  In fact, the result or domestic express on National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival double festival holiday express backlog also keen on overseas shopping public face came with the same problem. Sea Amoy due to the long cycle reasons, parcels are transshipped company and then domestic express transit time than domestic transporter longer a lot of time, encountered domestic express backlog, the current situation, due to the festive reason, sea Amoy a consignments will be because of the backlog and delivery time, the reporter learned from the domestic express transshipment express delivery cargo accepted after mid-September, still after a large number of backlog state, has began to deal with the backlog of goods.

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