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Open Announcements of Tianchang Anhui Company

    Head Office noticed, Tianchang Anhui company will be open on February 14, 2014, While open the service of sign the receipt, third-party payment, cash on delivery, payment collection,those who have a business can contact staff of Tianchang Anhui company directly.
    Normal sending range:
    Tianchang City(Tianchang Street(In addition to the Changting village, Guangning village,Zhujian village,Daiba village),Chajian town Including<Chajian community,Fushan community>,Shiliang town<Shibaji community,Shijie community>,Xichengqu Industrial zones
    Remote delivery range:
    Qinlan town(Qinlan community),Jinji town(Jinji community),Renhe town(Renhe community,Lulong community)
    Non-delivery range:
    Tongcheng town,Datong town,Yangcun town,Yeshan town,Zhengji town,Zhangpu town,Xinjie town,Yongfeng town,Wanshou town and Chengdong xinqu,Dakuangwei farm.


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