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Notice of 2023 National Day arrangement

Dear  customer:

Hello! The National Day is approaching, informed from the customs , during the National Day Chinese Customs clearance will suspende.
Branches in United States will recieve and ship the packages normally.
the National Day time: September 29, 2023-October 6, 2023. China customer service department cannot reply to the consultation, please leave a message to customer service work, we will respodes you as soon as possilble after we back to work.
The above clearance and recieves of USA receiving, shipment is for reference only, please take the actualcustoms transit and America receiving, delivery info. Due to the reason of The National Day,transport velocity was slower, please know and understand.

                                                                                                   A PLUS EXPRESS(NY)
                                                                                                  In september 28, 2023


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