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1.Before overseas shopping, what do I need to prepare?
A:①Prepare a Visa or Master logo dual currency credit card or PayPalpayment account;
②Free registration APLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.)  account, obtainexclusive overseas delivery address
③Shopping in theoverseas shopping website. 

2.Shopping in the overseas site, how to fill out the shipping address in order to ensure that the goods reach exactly A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) .?
A:Registered users become A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) ,you can see the the system open shipping address, according to yourshopping website to choose the most convenient warehouse address, thenaccording to the system display the delivery address is accurate to copy andpaste to. In your shopping to fill in the recipient name, be sure to follow NewYork express a whole member center, U.S. shipping  address, prompt " First Name " and" Last Name " to fill in.

3.After shopping,what do I need do in the A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) website?
A:After successful purchase online, you will receive an order numberof the shopping site, when your shipment is issued, the website will provideyou with the United States express a single number, then your landing site of APLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.)  Member Center → create an express orders. A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) receive your goods,will send to your waybill fill the recipient's address.

4.A PLUS EXPRESS (NY) received my package will open? Will help me re-packaging it?
 A:According to the United States TSA aviation safety administrationand China customs requirements, A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) entitled to allpackages for sampling, to determine whether it contains any contraband. If yourgoods arrive at  A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ),do not accord with international transport standard, A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) will help you to packaging, such as providing packaging box or filling materials with no charge.

5.Can the items that I purchased in a number of different shopping sites be shipped together back ?
A:Of course。A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) will provideyou with free warehousing period, you can at the same time in multiple shoppingsite go shopping, the need to aggregate single cargo that arrives A PLUSEXPRESS (NY) warehouse intervals of not more than three days, we will try tohelp customers operate, selected in the "waybill list" need toaggregate single waybill number, check the "a joint single service"value-added service, we will merge your multiple parcels shipped back toChina's shipping address.

6.What items can not be mailed?
A:Including but not limited to prohibit or restrict the exit of goodsin overseas countries, destination countries prohibit or restrict the entry ofgoods, IATA organization provisions prohibiting or restricting the transport ofgoods, such as firearms, currency, transport of live animals and plants, etc..

7.A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) how to calculate the freight?
A(1)Charging weight unit:General A PLUSEXPRESS (N.Y.)  to each of the 1 pounds (0.454 kg ) as acharging unit of weight. Weight such as less than 1 pounds areto the full 1pound.
First and continued heavy:A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) 2 pounds ofdeparture; If your cargo weighs less than twopounds, you need to pay 2 poundsof freight; If your cargo weighs more than twopounds, the package will nolonger charge the first weightbut directlypoundsmultiplied by the pound freight. For example: You have a piece ofclothing sentfrom Los Angeles weighs 3 pounds, freight Standard: $ 11 less than2 pounds,two pounds more than five dollars / pounds, so you need to pay thefreight: 3 *5 = $ 16.5.(3). Chargingweight: Cargo transportation process inaccordance with the actual weight andvolume weight, define the provisions ofthe International Air CargoAssociation, in accordance with the actual weightand volume weight of thegoods both high computational freight.(4). When apackage containing two or moredifferent categories of items, parcel shippingcalculates according to the highprice of goods

8.What is the actual weight? What is the volume weight? Which is chargeable weight?

A:The actual weight of the goods are actually weighing weight, volumeweight refers to the weight calculated in accordance with the cargo volumespace. For example, the quilts bulky light weight, transportation billing unitvolume weight. A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.) to calculate the freight is calculated inaccordance with customary international transport: Actual weight and volumeweight which is large, with which to calculate freight charge unit.

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