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9. Can I buy insurance for my parcels?

A:Of course。If you need to buy insurance, in yourgoods arrive at A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) warehouse before, login account, youneed to purchase insurance bill to add insurance amount, A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y.) provide you from the United States to China consignee warehouse fullinsurance services.

10.My parcel sent from A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ),how long can I receive it in China?

A:In the absence of external forces to fight the case, general 7-10working days to receive your goods .

11.Can I keep track of the latest transport status of my package?

A:Of course。Before your goods arrive at A PLUSEXPRESS (NY) of the U.S. warehouse, please log in your accout to fill thewaybill, when you complete, you will get a tracking number, then, when yourpackage is sent from A PLUS EXPRESS (N.Y.), you can keep track of the lateststatus of your package.

12.What are the costs in overseas shopping?

A:①The sales price of goods in the overseas website. ( you need to paydirectly to the shopping website through credit card )
②Delivery costs in the United States:The costs from your shopping website to A PLUS EXPRESS  (N.Y.) receiving address. If the websitepromotion, free shipping package mailing or shopping with many free shippingactivities , this sum of expenses are not required to pay.
③InternationalFreight: The international freight that A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) help you to aparcel to the delivery address.Value addedservice: when you choose value-added services will produce.
④Customs tariff: Ifthe quantity and the value of your commodity are in China Customs regulationsfor the reasonable scope, there may not have this sum of expenses.

13.How can I pay the international freight?

A:In the A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) sites, corresponding to a billpayment or direct recharge, are possible. A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) support thepayment of WeChat, UnionPay, credit cards and other forms of onlinepayment or recharge. Need to be reminded: After the arrival of the goods at thewarehouse,Please make sure that you pay the freight intime,so as not to delay your shipment.

14.If China customs impose import duties, who is bear?

A:Commit yourself to customers.

15.In the United States, how to choose the best express to post to the A PLUS EXPRESS ( N.Y. ) recei

A: The UnitedStates there are three the most common express company: UPS, FEDEX, USPS. Ifyou need to send goods shipped to our delivery address, suggest you preferredUPS, FEDEX, compared with USPS, before both faster, better service, informationis more accurate; and two other than USPS, slower, but no details of therecipient sign detail, once the goods have problems, the query is verydifficult.

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